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Provides practical experience and the opportunity to apply concepts from previous coursework to help students transition to the role of community health promoter. The practicum location is chosen in collaboration with faculty based on student interest and site availability. Students work closely with an approved preceptor and faculty to accomplish individualized learning goals. Prerequisites: Essential Concepts for Health & Wellness 10546100, Behavior Change for Wellness 10546102, Principles of Physical Conditioning 10546103, and Nutrition for Healthy Living 10546101; Corequisites: Population Health & Wellness 10546104 and Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation 10546105


Prerequisites: Essential Concepts for Hlth & Well 10546100, Behavior Change Well 10546102, Principles of Physical Conditioning 10546103, Nutrition for Hlthy Living 10546101; Corequisites: Pop Hlth & Well 10546104 and Prog Dev, Implem & Eval 10546105

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