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Covers the basic principles of high-voltage transmission of electrical energy. Introduces students to the concepts of active, reactive, and apparent power in electric power technology. Discusses basic properties of single- and three-phase transformers and their importance to power transmission. The behavior of ideal and practical (or non-ideal) transformers are used as a building block to explain the electrical function of a transformer in many transmission circuits. Discusses basic mechanical (supporting structures, line sag, galloping and the effect of weather) and electrical (e.g., corona, pollution, insulation, lightning) requirements that must be met for successful power transmission over large distances. Approximately 50 percent of the course is spent in the laboratory working with equipment that simulates power transmission. Prerequisites: Electrical Machines 10605127 and Electrical Power Distribution 10605125


Prerequisites: Electrical Machines 10605127; Electrical Power Distribution 10605125

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