Continuing Education Public Safety and Emergency Services Classes

Pursue training opportunities in emergency medical services, fire, law enforcement, and traffic safety. Includes concealed carry training.

Mid-State Technical College offers a variety of EMS and Firefighting classes. For current fire or EMS department members, course fees may be covered by the department or by the state. For more information, contact Tammy Kruger, assistant for the Fire and EMS Services program at or 715.422.5608.


Haz-Mat Operations

This course prepares the participant to perform the minimum hazardous material incident operations skills associated with firefighting functions at an advanced nationally recognized level under general supervision. The targeted audience consists of individuals who have completed, or are in the process of completing, the Firefighter I Job Performance Requirements (JPRs) in NFPA 1001 for certification to the Wisconsin Firefighter I level. This course is also available to members of the emergency medical services, law enforcement, and other industrial employees listed under 29 CFR 1910. This course is designed to provide the Firefighter I candidate with the information needed to meet the JPRs in Chapter 5, Core Competencies for Operations Level Responders, Section 6.2, and Section 6.6., Mission-Specific Competencies: Product Control, of NFPA 472. The participant must also take the Firefighter I course in order to meet the remainder of the NFPA Firefighter I JPRs to prepare for certification to the Firefighter I level. A written exam is available to participants who successfully complete this course; participants must pass this exam to become certified as Firefighter I. Participants have two years from the completion of the course to take the exam. Course Fee: $77

Tuesdays, April 14 – May 12
6:00 – 10:00 p.m. • Wisconsin Rapids Campus • Class #: 26950

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