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Renewing Accommodations

Accommodations for Returning Students

Welcome back! We look forward to providing you with continuing academic accommodations. To receive an accommodation plan for this semester, please contact the Disability Services coordinator at Patti Lloyd (preferred) or by phone at 715.422.5452. Whether you will be requesting new/additional accommodations or the same accommodations, you will need to meet with the coordinator again to complete your accommodation plan for the semester.

Please meet with us as early as possible, especially if there has been any change in your disability and/or you are requesting new services. At the beginning of the semester, Disability Services has walk-in times available throughout the week. It is also important to keep in mind that we all need to work together so that the quality of accommodations meets your disability-related needs. Please start the process early each semester and let us know immediately about delays or other problems with your accommodation plans.

Requesting the same accommodations

During the meeting the Disability Services coordinator will help you create your accommodation plan for the semester.

Requesting new or additional accommodations

During the meeting to complete your accommodation plan for the semester, the Disability Services coordinator will determine whether there is sufficient diagnostic or clinical information in support of the requested accommodation. You may be asked to submit new and/or additional information.

Appeal Procedure

If you are denied accommodations or disagree with decisions about services or accommodations, there is a process to resolve your issues under the College’s “Reasonable Accommodations for People with Disabilities” policy (C 04-12). A copy of this policy is available from the Student Services & Information Center or campus or division dean.