Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

The student organization concept fosters self-improvement by providing students opportunities to develop leadership qualities, social awareness, occupational understanding and civic consciousness. The development of these skills enhances students' opportunities for job placement. Participation in most clubs is limited to students in specific programs. For additional information contact the club/organization advisor listed.

Agri-Business Club

The Mid-State Agri-Business Club is organized to promote educational, social, and networking opportunities for students. Students will learn agricultural and business practices that will lead to success in operating their own farm, managing a farm, or being employed in the agriculture industry. Club Advisor: Mike Sabel 715.389.7051

Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

Information Technology (IT) program students are eligible for membership in this nationally affiliated student organization.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU – Mid-State)

Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational, student-led, Christian organization seeking to provide a spiritual environment for students. Membership is open to anyone and includes weekly meetings for Bible study, discussion and prayer. Club Advisor: Richelle Hoekstra-Anderson, 715.422.5449

Civil Technology Club

The Civil Technology Club's purpose is to strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and in their work; to promote citizenship, leadership, and a school spirit among students; to plan to encourage the development of professional, social and recreational activities; and encourage a high standard of scholastic achievement. Membership is open to students in the Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician program. Club advisor: Greg Webster, 715.422.5379

Corrections Student Organization (CSO)

The Corrections Student Organization is open to any student in either the Criminal Justice-Corrections and Community Advocacy or the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement programs. The purpose is to provide a forum for current, future and past employees of this field to share opportunities. Club Advisor: Courtney Kostuchowski, 715.422.5523

Early Childhood Club

Early Childhood Education program students are eligible to become members. Club members work collaboratively with community organizations to raise funds and promote activities that benefit children and families. Club Advisor: April Hartjes, 715.422.5485


Our goals as members of the Mid-State Technical Gerontology Club, are to educate and enlighten students on our aging population and, promote high academic standards. 

Health Programs Club

The Mid-State Health Programs Club seeks to enrich the educational experience of all health occupation program students on the Marshfield campus. This organization also serves to raise awareness of the health occupation programs in general, through school and community involvement.  Club Advisor: Jamey Karnitz 715.389.7017

Law Enforcement Organization (LEO)

The Law Enforcement organization works in partnership with various civic groups and other organizations to promote the delivery of services needed. Membership is open to Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement program students and those students currently on the waiting list. Club Advisor: Mike Bessette, 715.422.5490

Mid-State Renewable Energy Society (MSRES)

MSRES educates the students and community on the wide spectrum of energy options that are available to address our energy needs and work toward a more intelligent and responsible use of energy. Advisor: Ben Nusz, 715.422.5382

Mid-State Student Nurses' Association (MSNA)
(MSNA Website)

MSNA is open to students taking nursing courses and those students on the ADN waiting list. MSNA is associated with the National Student Nurses' Association and the Wisconsin Student Nurses' Association. The organization provides learning beyond the nursing curriculum and offers health-related community services. Participation in MSNA prepares students for eventual participation in professional nursing organizations. Advisor: Kathy Lee, 715.422.5309

Mid-State Technical College Chapter of Skills U.S.A. Club

Skills U.S.A. Club will unite Mid-State's Industrial and Technical Division students to create a common bond, provide a clearinghouse for information and activities, and recognition and prestige through an affiliation with the State and National Skills USA organizations. Advisors Mike Berry, 715.422.5390 & Don Wagner, 715.422.5388

Multicultural Empowerment Club

Mid-State Technical College’s Multicultural Empowerment student organization, located on the Stevens Point Campus advocates for inclusion, supports co-cultures, and celebrates diversity; including the GLBTAQ+ community in Central Wisconsin. The club encourages the betterment of all students by developing and supporting a more comprehensive understanding of others. In addition, the club provides a formal social, safe, support network for all students regardless of their sexual orientation or cultural background. All students are eligible to participate regardless of program area. Club Advisor: Xiong Vang, 715.422.5521

Non-Traditional Occupation (NTO) Club

The NTO Club’s mission is to unify female and male students in succeeding in their non-traditional fields of study and overcoming challenging obstacles. NTO is defined as jobs in which 75% or more of the workforce is of the opposite gender. Advisors: Kay Grundhoffer 715.422.5447 & Deb McDonald 715.422.5450


Skills U.S.A. Club will unite Mid-State's Industrial and Technical Division students to create a common bond, provide a clearinghouse for information and activities, and recognition and prestige through an affiliation with the State and National Skills USA organizations. Advisors Mike Berry, 715.422.5390 & Don Wagner, 715.422.5388

Students Environmentally United for a Sustainable Society (S.E.U.S.S.)

S.E.U.S.S. promotes environmental sustainability by engaging students, faculty and community in activities, education, and a proactive lifestyle, with the ultimate goal being the improvement of the biosphere for all. Advisor: Deb Crunkilton, 715.422.5634

Student Society of Arboriculture (SSA)

Mid-State's SSA is a branch of the International Society of Arboriculture. SSA gets students involved through weekly meetings, guest speakers from industry (private companies, municipalities, DNR) and community and high school visits to share information on the Mid-State Urban Forestry Technician program. SSA holds an annual Arbor Day event each spring. Advisor: Joe Hoffman, 715.422.5541

Veterans Club

The Veterans Club is a group of student veterans, service members, and friends. It is a great way to find out about veteran opportunities in the community and meet other vets on campus.