The Department of Information Technology maintains desktop computers in over 30 computer labs and resource areas, including the Libraries and Learning Commons (Mid-State District Computer Hardware Chart). These devices are connected to the Mid-State network to allow access to the Internet and printers.

Software: Standard software available on Mid-State desktops include Windows 7/Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite and Mozilla Firefox.  Additional software installations vary by lab and semester based on educational needs.

Hardware: Typical computer labs have 20-24 student computers, an instructor workstation, laser jet printing capabilities, a whiteboard, and a projection unit.  Food and beverages are not permitted in computer labs.  Use of the labs is restricted to Mid-State students, faculty, staff and contract classes.

Public Computers: Public computers are available in the libraries.

Wireless: Wireless access to the Internet is available using the STUDENT-GUEST network.  No password is required.

Usage Policy: Mid-State computer facility use is a privilege. Students are obligated to follow the rules and procedures established by the college. Further, it is the student's responsibility to read, understand, and abide by all policies. Misuse of facilities or violation of policies may lead to termination of offenders computer privileges and, if necessary, referral to authorities. See Network Policies for additional information.