Crisis Intervention & Weapons

Crisis Intervention & Weapons

Policies & Procedures - Crisis Intervention & Weapons

Crisis Intervention Policy: MSTC is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for students, employees, guests, and visitors. MSTC will not tolerate any form of threats, threatening behavior, verbal abuse or violence by anyone at any MSTC owned or leased facility or any MSTC sponsored activity. Violence/threats include, but are not limited to: striking another, pushing, kicking, throwing things, abusing/ destroying property, physical threats of violence, stalking or harassment. In addition MSTC follows the guidelines of the Student's & Employee's Right to Know publication, the College Catalog & Student Handbook, the student code of conduct and the MSTC Personnel and Procedures Manual.

Threats, Threatening/Violent Behavior: Any person who makes substantial threats, exhibits threatening behavior or engages in violent acts at any MSTC facility shall be removed from the premises by law enforcement as quickly as safety permits and shall remain off MSTC premises pending the outcome of an investigation. Should an investigation substantiate that violation of this policy has occurred, MSTC will initiate a decisive and appropriate response, including termination/expulsion.

Weapons Policy: No MSTC employee, student, visitor, guest, vendor or anyone else MSTC deals with in the course of business may possess, transport or use a weapon of any kind while on MSTC property, conducting MSTC business or attending an MSTC sponsored event. In addition, the weapons that employees or others legally have in their vehicles while on MSTC property, conducting MSTC business or attending an MSTC sponsored event, must remain in the vehicle and in their proper carrying case. Weapons may not be transported in MSTC owned vehicles. Examples of weapons include: all firearms, compressed gas operated weapons, any electric weapons as defined in Section 941-295(4) of the Wisconsin Statutes, bows of legal hunting strength, knives (other than small pocket knives), explosives or any other device which in the manner it is used or intended to be used is calculated or likely to produce bodily harm, or any device which MSTC, in its sole discretion, shall deem dangerous.

In the case of an attempted or threatened suicide/homicide on MSTC premises, the immediate responsibility of all MSTC personnel is to contact law enforcement (911), notify the Campus Office, evacuate and secure the area, utilize MSTC Emergency Care Procedures if the individual is not a danger to others, complete the First Report of Injury and Incident Notification forms and request assistance from MSTC's Director of Communications to respond to the release of information to the media.