Renewable Energy Specialist

Renewable Energy Specialist

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

What You'll Learn

Mid-State’s Renewable Energy Technician program prepares students to design an integrated portfolio of renewable and traditional energy-producing systems. Graduates develop a working knowledge of “green” building concepts and energy-efficient design principles as well as the foundation needed for an entry-level position in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) fields.

In this program you’ll learn to perform site assessments and recommend appropriate renewable energy technologies, sell and market renewable energy technologies, and manage renewable energy installation projects. Mid-State’s unique facilities, a variety of brands of equipment and software for training, experienced faculty, and off-campus design opportunities make this program one-of-a-kind.

Note: This program is currently undergoing changes. Please check back during the first week in April for updated information.


  • Customer Service Representative
  • Engineer/Design Technician
  • Installation Assistant
  • Project Manager
  • Renewable Energy Specialist
  • Site Assessor
  • Solar Applications Technician
  • Technical Sales Representative

Your Instructors

The instructors in the Renewable Energy Specialist program bring the right balance of professional experience and teaching expertise to the classroom. Meet our full-time faculty!


In one way or another, Mike has been working with electricity for over 20 years. He has experience as an electronics technician, an electric meter technician, and an instrumentation technician. He earned his bachelor’s degree from UW-Stevens Point.

“I want students to see me not as an authority, but as a guide, whose task is to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses and act on them accordingly. This gives them skills that will help them throughout their lives.”


Benjamin earned his bachelor’s degree from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and has over 10 years of experience installing and designing renewable energy systems. He is also vice president of the board of directors of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association and co-authored the book Solar Water Heating: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water and Space Heating Systems. Benjamin lives in a solar-powered home he built himself.

“I love what I do and am excited to spend each day empowering students to better themselves and to change the world.”

Program Information Guide

See the printable Program Information Guide to learn about career pathways, transfer opportunities, program outcomes, and more.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10102101 Intro to Business 3.00
10103106 Microsoft Office-Introduction 3.00
10480101 Intro to Renewable Energy Systems 4.00
10605108 Intro to Electronics 2.00
10483120 Heating & Plumbing Fundamentals 2.00
10623100 Problem Solving & Critical Thinking 1.00
10804107 College Mathematics 3.00
10804118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications 4.00
10804189 Introductory Statistics 3.00
(16-17 Credits)
Term: 2
10103124 Excel-Intermediate 1.00
10482107 Construction Fundamentals 2.00
10482110 Photovoltaic System Design & Installation 1 3.00
10483110 Solar Heating System Design & Installation 1 3.00
10483115 Heat Load Estimation & Modeling 3.00
10623106 Intro to AutoCAD 2.00
10483122 Ventilation, Cooling, & Refrigeration Fundamentals 2.00
10801195 Written Communication 3.00
10801136 English Composition 1 3.00
(17 Credits)
Term: 3
10481110 Building Science, Performance & Evaluation 3.00
10482101 Solar Site Assessment & Evaluation 3.00
10482140 Planning, Design, & Project Management I 2.00
10607166 Construction Estimating & Management 3.00
10801198 Speech 3.00
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
(17 Credits)
Term: 4
10104105 Selling Principles 3.00
10102147 Principles of Management 3.00
10481140 Energy Use & Investment Analysis 2.00
10482141 RE-Planning, Design, & Project Management II 2.00
10806112 Principles of Sustainability 3.00
10809122 Intro to American Government 3.00
10809196 Intro to Sociology 3.00
10809172 Introduction to Diversity Studies 3.00
Elective 2.00
(18 Credits)
Total Credits: 68-69