Nursing Assistant - Advanced Training

Nursing Assistant - Advanced Training

Nursing Assistant - Acute Care

The two-credit Nursing Assistant - Acute Care course will prepare Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) to work in the acute care setting through an expansion of their existing basic skill set.  Students will acquire expanded acute care skills, increase employment opportunities in acute care settings, and can career ladder to help transition into the Associate Degree Nursing program. The 72-hour course is offered in a hybrid format to accommodate employment schedules. It includes nine hours of e-learning lecture labs via Blackboard to deliver content theory, 36 hours of skills laboratory, and 27 hours of clinical at a local acute care facility.

Students in the Nursing Assistant - Acute Care class must have completed a Certified Nursing Assistant Program approved by the state of WI Department of Health Services with a ā€œCā€ or better or be in good standing on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry without any substantial findings or restrictions. Submission of the Nurse Aide Training Certificate of Completion or verification of WI Nurse Aide Registry placement is required on the first day of class. A current background check must be on file with Mid-State; if none is on file the Program Director will complete the background check on the first day of class. Clinical facilities have the right to refuse entrance based on a positive criminal background.

Personal Care Worker Training

Personal Care Worker (PCW) training is a one-credit, 40 hour course which prepares students to work as a personal care worker in assisted living facilities, home health care, hospice, or in community settings working with the disabled. This training is also valuable for those who care for elderly or disabled loved ones at home. It provides hands-on training that can lead to direct employment and also provides a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue further education as a nursing assistant. Training includes infection control practices, safety interventions and basic caregiving skills. The personal care worker training does not have a clinical component.