Entry-Level Early Childhood Educator

Entry-Level Early Childhood Educator

This certificate exceeds educational requirements for entry-level early childhood educators. Get a broad foundational overview of early childhood education and its important relationship to implementing developmentally appropriate activities in early childhood classrooms. Guidance strategies essential for enhancing early childhood learning environments are integrated to facilitate effective classroom management.

If you wish to meet and exceed entry-level work requirements, or are considering pursuing an associate degree, you can secure a good working baseline education through his certificate. Also, if you have completed credit courses to meet entry-level standards, you can take a few more courses to achieve this certificate while simultaneously meeting ongoing continuing education requirements.

Delivery Format
The Foundations course is offered online only in the fall semester. Child Development and Art, Music and Language Arts is offered in accelerated format in Quarter 2. The Guidance course is offered in accelerated format in Quarter 3.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10307148 Foundations of Early Childhood Education 3.00
10307178 Art, Music, & Language Arts 3.00
10307179 Child Development 3.00
10307188 Guiding Children's Behavior 3.00
(12 Credits)
Total Credits: 12