Early Childhood Administrator

Early Childhood Administrator

The Early Childhood Administrator certificate is designed to enhance management skills of early childhood educators in quality care settings. Get a broad foundational overview of early childhood educational administration and gain skills essential to effective program design, delivery and supervision.

This certificate applies to individuals seeking to develop early childhood program supervision skills. If you are considering an associate degree in the future but need to secure a good working baseline education about administrative processes, consider this certificate.

Delivery Format
The Foundations course is offered online only in the fall semester. Child Development and Art, Music and Language Arts is offered in accelerated format in Quarter 2. The Guidance course is offered in accelerated format in Quarter 3. Introduction to Business is offered online and face-to-face in the fall semester, and Supervision is offered online and face-to-face in the spring semester. Financial Management will be offered online beginning in fall of 2008.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10102101 Intro to Business 3.00
10145186 Financial Management for Your Small Business 3.00
10196191 Supervision 3.00
10307148 Foundations of Early Childhood Education 3.00
10307167 Health, Safety, & Nutrition 3.00
10307198 Administering an Early Childhood Education Program 3.00
(18 Credits)
Total Credits: 18