Advanced Industrial Process Control

Advanced Industrial Process Control

The Advanced Industrial Process Control certificate can help you grow professionally and personally. Through this certificate you will learn through hands-on equipment and develop advance critical thinking skills needed to cut maintenance downtime and your hours on the shop floor. The training equipment is designed to mirror the processes in food, chemical, and industrial fields.

The certificate is designed for completion within one year or less!
  • Flexible course times and offerings
  • Improve skills and production time
  • Reduce maintenance and trouble shooting time

Pre-requisites to enrolling in the certificate include experience with programmable logic controls (PLCs) and basic computer networking knowledge.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10102169 Advanced Critical Thinking 1.00
10150170 Beginning Network Troubleshooting 2.00
10150171 Intermediate Network Troubleshooting 3.00
10605173 Distributed Control Systems Beginning (DCS-1) 3.00
10605174 Distributed Control Systems Advanced (DCS-2) 3.00
(12 Credits)
Total Credits: 12