Criminal Justice-Studies

Criminal Justice-Studies

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)

We are able to move freely through society—and enjoy some expectation of safety—thanks to the law enforcement officers in our midst. Police officers strive to maintain peace in our homes, parks, streets, businesses, and schools. They are ready at a moment’s notice to restore order and protect life and property. Adequate preparation is important for success in this career.

A Closer Look

Law enforcement is a critical part of every community, and the officer’s role is varied and complex. On any given day, a police officer may be called upon to respond to a medical emergency, enforce traffic violations, investigate felony crime, or help a lost child find their parent. Many also conduct victim interviews, provide referral services, and question suspects.

This career is a tremendous opportunity for those who crave challenge, accept leadership, have a strong sense of service towards others, and have a desire for justice.

What You'll Learn

The Criminal Justice-Studies program prepares students to meet the challenges that come with a variety of positions in the criminal justice field. Graduates interested in pursuing a career as a law enforcement officer are prepared for entry into the 720-hour certification training required for law enforcement certifiable status by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Graduates who do not seek sworn law enforcement positions may use their skills in civilian law enforcement positions, such as record and documentation maintenance, dispatch or communications center operations, or secure correctional facility operations.

This program is designed to help secure employment, keep students abreast of rapidly changing advancements, and encourage further education. Experienced instructors emphasize professionalism, integrity, and quality work performance, with a significant focus on high ethical and moral standards.


  • Civilian Law Enforcement Employee
  • Conservation Enforcement
  • Correctional Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement Officer
  • Park Ranger
  • Private Security
  • Public Defender Investigator
  • State Trooper
  • Telecommunicator

Your Instructors

The instructors in the Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement program bring the right balance of professional experience and teaching expertise to the classroom. Meet our full-time faculty!


Michael earned his master’s degree in criminology from Indiana State University. He has over 25 years of law enforcement experience as a police officer, deputy sheriff, and a special agent for the Wisconsin Department of Justice. He is also certified Master Instructor Trainer (MIT) for the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training and Standards Bureau.

“There is nothing better than being in the classroom and being a part of the training and education of future police officers. I enjoy every minute and share in the excitement of the students.”


Scott has a master’s degree in criminology from Indiana State University. He has 29 years’ experience as a police officer in the central Wisconsin area, including his work as a patrol officer, school liaison officer, and a patrol sergeant. His certifications have included dispatch, hostage negotiations, field training officer, and tactical response team.

“As an officer I saw the impact that positive contact with law enforcement can have on citizens. Working directly with students at Mid-State allows me to teach new officers the importance of integrity and professionalism.”

Program Information Guide

See the printable Program Information Guide to learn about career pathways, transfer opportunities, program outcomes, and more. If you are unable to access this document, please contact a new student specialist by calling 888.575.6782.


Catalog# Title Credits
Term: 1
10504112 Court Procedures 3.00
10504114 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3.00
10504176 Corrections/Correctional Institutions 3.00
10801136 English Composition 1 3.00
10801195 Written Communication 3.00
10809166 Intro to Ethics: Theory & Application 3.00
(15 Credits)
Term: 2
10504129 Community Policing 3.00
10504140 Report Writing for Protective Services 3.00
10504143 Criminology 3.00
10504150 Juvenile Justice System 3.00
10504163 Constitutional Law for LE 3.00
10801196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 3.00
10801198 Speech 3.00
(18 Credits)
Term: 3
10504115 Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement 3.00
10504125 Patrol Procedures 3.00
10504164 Criminal Law for LE 3.00
10804107 College Mathematics 3.00
10804118 Intermediate Algebra with Applications 4.00
10804189 Introductory Statistics 3.00
10809188 Developmental Psychology 3.00
10809198 Intro to Psychology 3.00
Elective 2.00
(17-18 Credits)
Term: 4
10504123 Criminal Investigation 3.00
10504144 Wellness in Protective Services 3.00
10504166 Criminal Justice Ethics 3.00
10809122 Intro to American Government 3.00
10809172 Introduction to Diversity Studies 3.00
10809196 Intro to Sociology 3.00
(15 Credits)
Total Credits: 65-66