Mid-State congratulates students on superior academic performance

Mid-State congratulates students on superior academic performance

February 15, 2017

Mid-State Deans ListMid-State Technical College has announced the Dean’s List for Fall Semester of 2016. This recognition is reserved for Mid-State students who have enrolled in six or more credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.75 during the semester. 

Following is the list of Mid-State’s Dean’s List recipients, sorted by city and area of study.

Adams: Courtney Baron, Business Management; Mariah Bartels, Business Management; Jacob Beda, Accounting; Stuart Burdick, GMAW Welding; Christian Hickey, GMAW Welding; Tamara Reinke, Medical Coder; Heather Straka, Early Childhood Education.

Almond: Samantha Bowden, Accounting; Brianna Ewald, Nursing; Colton Hintz, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Anna Nordberg, Non-Degree Seeking; Baylee Voss-Plutschack, Nursing.

Amherst: Nathaniel Babcock, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Victoria Decker, Early Childhood Education; Samantha Enright, Nursing; Lori Hebblewhite, Accounting; Kimberly Meyer, Business Management; Hannah O'Brien, Nursing Assistant; Haley Woyak, Criminal Justice-Corrections.

Amherst Junction: Krystal Dombrowskim, Paramedic Technician; Afton Gordon, Nursing; Claire Lange, Early Childhood Education; Kristianna Plank, Cosmetology; Chad Wolding, IT Software Developer.

Appleton: Jeffrey Zeka, Industrial Mechanical Technician.

Arpin: Heather Berghammer, Medical Assistant; Cade Clark, Business Management; Sara Curtin, Nursing; Sarah Olson, Health Informatics & Information Management, Brett Przybylski, Automotive Technician; Amanda Sweet, Paramedic Technician.

Athens: Rhonda Williams, Medical Coder.

Auburndale: Paige Blume, Administrative Professional; Kyle Draxler, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Brandon Roberson, Business Management.

Bancroft: Morgan Baar, Medical Assistant; Tina Bohn, Corrections and Community Advocacy; Darrell Brown, Renewable Energy Specialist; Kayla Erdmann, Early Childhood Education; Jacob Mocadlo; Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement.

Black River Falls: Jayme Finck, Cosmetology.

Chili: Brandon Baltus, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Todd Vantassel, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement.

Chippewa Falls: Courtney Gasper, Phlebotomy Technician.

Colby: Shania Oehmichen, IT Network Specialist.

Custer: Breana Hintz, Surgical Technologist; Johanna Kluck, Early Childhood Education; Kelly Rozumialski, Medical Coder; Michael Rozumialski, Automotive Technician; Jessica Treder, IT Software Developer; Nathan Verhagen, IT Software Developer; Edith Zdroik, Medical Assistant.

Dorchester: Samantha Erl, Health & Wellness Promotion; Sara Lageman, Business Management.

Endeavor: Robin Woods, Phlebotomy Technician.

Fort Atkinson: Kimberly Griffin, Renewable Energy Specialist.

Friendship: Rick Craddock, GMAW Welding; Miles Fuchs, Instrumentation & Controls Engineering Technician; Jill Guzman, Business Management; Ryan Karaba, GMAW Welding; Hannah Landon, Business Management; Alyssa McCoy, Nursing; Jamie Seehafer, Accounting.

Granton: Katie Johansson, Business Management; Brandee Rehlinger, Paramedic Technician; Angela Vine, Medical Assistant.

Greenwood: Angela Eckes, Nursing.

Hancock: Cortney Solis, Medical Assistant; Elizabeth Thrun, Paramedic Technician.

Hatley: James Liebe, Accounting.

Hewitt: Talia Major, IT Network Specialist; Anna Schade, Early Childhood Education.

Iola: Leisha Brandl, Nursing; Joanne Dobbe, Nursing Assistant; Sam Lanting, IT Network Specialist; Rebecca Singh, Medical Assistant; Dana Steiner, Respiratory Therapist; Ryan Wellbrock, IT Network Specialist; Kelly Ziebell, Non-Degree Seeking.

Junction City: Abbee Brown, Business Management; Emily Schneider, Medical Coder; Shirley Skrzeczkoski, Supervisory Management.

Kaukauna: Stefanie Rice, Business Management.

Loyal: Kyle Hagen, Nursing; Amanda Koopman, Health & Wellness Promotion; Stephen LeMay, Welding; Layne Schmidt, Sustainable Heating & Cooling Technician.

Marshfield: Gabrielle Bauer, Medical Assistant; Nicole Blum, Nursing; Kevin Bragg, Business Management; Ashley Brem, Cosmetology; Tara Brock, Nursing; Glen Buth, IT Software Developer; Heather Doering, Nursing; Kurt Eggebrecht, Respiratory Therapist; Jordan Frahmann, IT Network Specialist; Noah Gerdes, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Tyler Guden, IT Network Specialist; Laura Guldan, Non-Degree Seeking; Rhonda Hansen, Business Management; Jessica Heisler, Accounting; Susan Helf, Medical Assistant; Trae Hilgart, Automotive Technician; Jade Hollatz, Non-Degree Seeking; Sara Hopperdietzel, Early Childhood Education; Pamela Hutzler, Nursing; Jordan Jaeckels, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jodi Jennings, Medical Assistant; Stephane Klafka, Early Childhood Education; Kelly Klatt, Medical Coder; Paraskoviia Kolisnichenko, Supervisory Management; Kesha Kopca, Business Management; Briana-Michele Kops, Business Management; Laci Lenten, Nursing; Erica Lieders, Nursing; Christian Louwien, Accounting; Laura Mazzini, Business Management; Edward McQuillen, Business Management; Geronimo Mendieta, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Noah Mortvedt, Supervisory Management; Courtney Murphy, Nursing; Matthew Nielsen, Machine Tool Technician; Rebecca Paul, Medical Assistant; April Peckham, Administrative Professional; Silver Pientka, Business Management, Michael Pietsch, Paramedic Technician; Mariah Purkis, Cosmetology; Gage Rappley, Welding; Garrett Rodgers, Undecided; Lindsey Stelzer, Medical Assistant; Robin Sternweis, Nursing; Amanda Stidhem, Nursing; Desiree Terry, Cosmetology; Alayna Tham, Administrative Professional; Deanna Willma, Nursing; Matthew Wolf, Paramedic Technician; Michael Young, IT Software Developer; Nona Zahn, Business Management.

Medford: Tiffany Draeger, Accounting; Amy Rohweder, Respiratory Therapist; Denise Yaron, Medical Assistant.

Menasha: Lisa Howard, Health & Wellness Promotion; Kelley Krueger, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Milladore: Allison Anderson, Medical Assistant; Timothy Kremer, IT Network Specialist.

Mosinee: Shannon Brandt, Business Management; Maigan Czarnecki, Undecided; Matthew Daniek; IT Network Specialist; Ryan Fisk, IT Network Specialist; Janessa Lepak, Paramedic Technician.

Muskego: Andrew Pratt, Urban Forestry Technician.

Necedah: Therese Arbanas, Cosmetology; Ashley Cross, Phlebotomy Technician; Brenda Huebner, Respiratory Therapist.

Neenah: Rebecca Thuot, Business Management.

Neillsville: Kenneth Edwards, Automotive Technician; Candi Hericks, Office Support Specialist.

Nekoosa: Rosalina Aguilera, Nursing; Dylan Albers, IT Software Developer; Breanna Anderson, Business Management; Dwayne Corry, IT Network Specialist; Anne Eldredge, Medical Coder; Hannah Heckman, Accounting; Michelle Hegeman, Accounting; Jamie Hoffman, Paramedic Technician; Amanda Irwin, Early Childhood Education; Nick Johnson; Paramedic Technician; Sandra McKenzie, Phlebotomy Technician; Brendon Meyer, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Tessa Murray, Phlebotomy Technician; Adam Oleson, Accounting; Amanda Passineau; Health Informatics & Information Management; Jennifer Pelot, Medical Coder; Emyle Prata, Health & Wellness Promotion; Megan Rasmussen, Cosmetology; Barbara Sargent, Machine Tool Technician; Matthew Schmidt, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Brandi Stewart, Early Childhood Education; Breanne Yusten, IT Software Developer.

Nelsonville: Tyler Schug; IT Software Developer.

Neshkoro: ReBecca Darnick, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Oxford: Tori Babcock, Business Management.

Pine River: Alexander Peterson, EMT Paramedic.

Pittsville: BreeAnne Behselich, Medical Assistant; Sally Giles, Administrative Professional; Stephanie Kumm, Paramedic Technician; Kaleb Meyer, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jonathan Rahm, Urban Forestry Technician, Daniel Schooley, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Robin Stafford, Administrative Professional; Jessica Wix, Cosmetology; Briana Ziemendorf, Medical Assistant.

Plainfield: Kevin Garlow, Non-Degree Seeking; Robert Miller, Gerontology; Griscelda Ramirez-Vallejo, Cosmetology; Carrie Schnittger, Nursing; Susan Uribe, Health Informatics & Information Management.

Plover: David Allen, Paramedic Technician; Jennifer Amann, Accounting; Dana Benjamin, Criminal Justice-Corrections; Douglas Bento, Sustainable Heating & Cooling Technician; Kyle Charneski, IT Software Developer; Brandon Cisewski, EMT Paramedic; Cody Clark, Business Management; Andrew Czahor, Business Management; Shannon Dulak, Early Childhood Education; Robert Exner, Business Management; Theophilos Georgousis, Business Management; Corisa Goodman, Nursing; Morgan King, Health & Wellness Promotion; Danielle Kliegl, Medical Coder; Briah Krueger, Early Childhood Education; Savannah LaJeunesse, Cosmetology; Tanner Lepinski, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; April Martin, Respiratory Therapist; Melissa Mauger, Gerontology; Ashley Mccormack, Nursing; Mark Moore, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Stanley Olszewski, Business Management; Mark Palmer, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Tina Peden, Health & Wellness Promotion; Eric Reetz, IT Network Specialist; Anna Rosenthal, Nursing; Shane Salisbury, Business Management; Rebecca Sanderson, Medical Assistant; Sean Shulfer, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Matthew Sikorski, IT Network Specialist; Taylor Smrz, Medical Assistant; Venessa Taskini, Business Management; Pa Kou Vang, Cosmetology; Elizabeth Vredeveld, Medical Assistant; Allison Wendt, Business Management; Shannon Wroblewski, Cosmetology; Lili Zaragoza, Nursing.

Port Edwards: Heather Eklund, Early Childhood Education; Timothy Halverson, Business Management; Jessica Korslin, Medical Assistant; Tressa Rember, Business Management; Molly Scheidegger, Medical Assistant; Elizabeth Stormoen, Business Management; Brittany Swiedarke, EMT Paramedic; Erin Trantow, Business Management.

Pound: Joseph Krueger, Arborist Technician.

Poynette: Erin Gentz, Gerontology.

Rosholt: Mckenzie Glodowski, Non-Degree Seeking; Miracle Joy Niewiadomski, Business Management.

Rudolph: Roseann Dorshorst, Office Support Specialist; Christina Hoyt, Nursing; Robert Rybicki, IT Network Specialist.

Scandinavia:  Thomas Newby, IT Network Specialist.

Sparta: Kristine Wall, Health & Wellness Promotion

Spencer: Melissa Cullen, Nursing.

Stetsonville: Penny Gumz, Respiratory Therapist.

Stevens Point: Danielle Alinea, Renewable Energy Specialist; Becky Baake, Early Childhood Education; Cindy Baake, Early Childhood Education; Steven Baumann, Automotive Technician; Chatek Becher,Early Childhood Education; Jeannine Blankschein, Health Informatics & Information Management; Kaila Blaskowski, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jeffrey Campbell, Business Management; Chong Chang, Business Management; Alexandra Chesmore, Business Management; LaRue Davison, Health & Wellness Promotion; Sarah Diser, Early Childhood Education; Shelley Dresden, Health Informatics & Information Management; Nadine Dunning, IT Network Specialist; Isaac Dutton, IT Network Specialist; Sheila Esler, Medical Assistant; David Field, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Curtis Freudigmann, IT Software Developer; Dawn Garrigan, Business Management; Kathleen Giblin, Gerontology; Katie Glodowski, Surgical Technologist; Nicholas Govett, Accounting, Emily Grawey, Nursing; Alicia Hainzlsperger, Administrative Professional; Emily Held, Medical Coder; Yamileth Hill, Accounting; Zachary Hille, Instrumentation & Controls Engineering Technician, Thomas Hirst, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Pachee Hoerter, Cosmetology; Andrew Hoss, Business Management; Aaron Jensen, Marketing; Riley  Kawlewski, Business Management; Timothy Keller., Respiratory Therapist; Tegan Kennedy, IT Software Developer; Mackenzie Kinney, Business Management; Morgan Kizewski, Undecided; Lucreca Klesmith, Medical Assistant; William Klismith, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Dalton Koback, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Stephanie Koch, Nursing; Jessica Kois, Phlebotomy Technician; Paula Kropidlowski, Business Management; Amy Kurkowski, Early Childhood Education; Kristen Laczkowski, IT Software Developer; Gage Larson, Undecided; Keagan Laswell, Sustainable Heating & Cooling Technician; Brittany Lawrence, Cosmetology; Dana Lawson, Health & Wellness Promotion; Alan Leonhardt, IT Network Specialist; Angie Mackay, Nursing; Gryffyn Mather, Business Management; Alyssa Mlodik, Paramedic Technician; Jason Nelson, Business Management; Christine Neuberger, IT Software Developer; Orion Olson, IT Software Developer; Matthew Onarheim, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Stephonie Osborne, Nursing; Shana Pantaleo, Administrative Professional; Amanda Patino, Business Management; David Payne, IT Network Specialist; Matthew Pfeiffer, IT Network Specialist; Jessica Piper, Gerontology; Jennifer Quisler, Nursing; Michael Quisler, IT Network Specialist; Ashley Radzinski, IT Network Specialist; Miguel Ramos, Welding; Cassandra Robel, Accounting; Nicole Rogers, Business Management; Nathaniel Ruiz, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Alaina Rustad, Accounting; Candace Schmidt, Criminal Justice-Corrections; Ashley Schultz, Health Informatics & Information Management; Xia Schultz, Cosmetology; Corinn Seeliger, Medical Coder; Austin Shelley, Criminal Justice-Corrections; Meridith Sikorski, Early Childhood Education; Nicole Sipple, Cosmetology; Jeremy Slowinski, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Steven Smith, Medical Assistant; Sara Smrz, Marketing; Jarred Studinski, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; William Taylor, Nursing; Laura Thiel, Nursing; Hannah Tilton, Nursing; Daniel Trelka, IT Network Specialist; Michael Tulickas, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Courtney Weiler, Gerontology; Dustin Wergin, IT Software Developer; Joshua White, Instrumentation & Controls Engineering Technician; Melanie White, Business Management; Alysa Wiese, Fire Protection Technician; James Wojtalewicz, Business Management; Tammy Wojtalewicz, Business Management; Payeng Xiong, Nursing; Jenni Yang, Nursing; Daniel Zdroik, Machine Tool Technician; Noah Zdroik, EMT Paramedic; Adam Zieher, IT Network Specialist; Jessie Zywicki, Accounting; Steward Zywicki, Marketing.

Stratford: Casey Aschebrock, Office Support Specialist; Bradley Burt, Business Management; Katie Dahlke, Accounting; Linda Leffel, Medical Assistant.

Waupaca: Derek Brown, IT Network Specialist; Emily Hermes, Nursing.

Wausau: Julie Kuck, Nursing.

Westfield: Tait Halvorsen, IT Network Specialist.

Weston: Deborah Nabozny, Business Management.

Whitefish Bay: Peter Raczynski, Urban Forestry Technician.

Wild Rose: Casey Bartels, Paramedic Technician; Erin Jenks, Administrative Professional; Lindsey McCune, Health & Wellness Promotion.

Wisconsin Dells: Natalie Payne, Nursing Assistant.

Wisconsin Rapids: Lottie Andraska, Cosmetology; Kathryn Babcock, Nursing; Gina Baierl, Medical Assistant; Kaylie Bailey, Supervisory Management; PaYeng Baldemor, Early Childhood Education; Matthew Barker, Supervisory Management; Brandon Behrend, Business Management; Shawn Biedenbender, IT Software Developer; Robert Blom, IT Network Specialist; Katie Boushon, Cosmetology; Kateari Boyd, Early Childhood Education; Logan Brey, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Cassandra Burdick, Medical Coder; Jennifer Buss, Business Management; Brittany Captain, Medical Assistant; Tessa Cargola, Cosmetology; Patrick Carlin, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Melissa Carter, Nursing; Annie Cobb, Phlebotomy Technician; Libby Correll, Early Childhood Education; Brittany Cournoyer, Cosmetology; Melissa Czerwinski, Administrative Professional; Mary Doescher, Early Childhood Education; Brooke Dove, Cosmetology; Heidi Duxbury, Health Informatics & Information Management; Bobbie Ebert, Business Management; Dylan Engelbright, Nursing Assistant; Jody Etheridge, Medical Coder; Makayla Falkowski, Medical Assistant; Jacob Farley, Urban Forestry Technician; Laura Feenstra, Nursing; Maranna Ferkey, Nursing; Megan Fowler, Health & Wellness Promotion; Hannah Fox, Accounting; William George, Renewable Energy Specialist; Brett Gerlach, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Cassie Golke, Early Childhood Education; Melinda Golla, Criminal Justice-Corrections; Laurie Grube, Supervisory Management; Joseph Hackman, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Carly Hamm, Criminal Justice-Corrections; Cassidy Hardina, Early Childhood Education; Kayleigh Harless, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Courtney Heckendorf, Cosmetology; Jordan Herman, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; RaeAnn Hernandez, Health Informatics & Information Management; Erin Hess, Health & Wellness Promotion; Aja Heuss, Urban Forestry Technician; Shala Hill, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Tammy Hintz, Administrative Professional; Jennifer Holden, Office Support Specialist; Damara Hudnell, Accounting; Tiffany Hyde, Marketing; Katherine Jackson, Business Management; Chloe Janowiak, Nursing; Jeffrey Jenkin, Machine Tool Technician; Aaron Jennings, Business Management; Taunesha Jensen, Phlebotomy Technician; Nathaniel Keen, Undecided; Allison Keena, Medical Assistant; Ian Keena, Surgical Technologist; Kody Kester, Business Management; Kristi Kleinbeck, Nursing Assistant; Andrew Klemme, Automotive Technician; Jonathon Kobza, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Brittany Korslin, Nursing; Taylor Krause, Medical Assistant; Leslie Kronstedt, Nursing; Travis Krzykowski, IT Network Specialist; Jodi Kuhlka, Nursing; Kathleen Kuhn, Medical Coder; Kira Kukainis, Nursing; Christina Kurasz, Office Support Specialist; Henry Lackey, Automotive Technician; Stephanie Lecy, Accounting; Katrina Lee, Administrative Professional; Sarah Lemieux, Business Management; Shereen Lindsay, Marketing; Kathryn Machon, Cosmetology; Gina Martinovich, Nursing; Danielle McDonald, Accounting; Carissa McGibbon, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Jennifer McKenzie, IT Software Developer; Andrew Melvin, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Bobbi Meyer, Nursing; Douglas Mohr, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Tea Neinfeldt, Phlebotomy Technician; Nichole Nelson, Health Informatics & Information Management; Victoria Novack, Supervisory Management; Katrina Nuber, Respiratory Therapist; Joao Gabriel Nunes, Business Management; Sergio Ochoa, IT Software Developer; Mark Oie, Civil Engineering Technology-Highway Technician; Amanda Oleson, Nursing; Rachel Oleson, Accounting; Abby O'Loughlin, Medical Assistant; Nancy Paepke, Business Management; Nicholas Palmquist, Advanced Industrial Process Control; Craig Panzer, IT Network Specialist; Justin Peckham, IT Software Developer; Annette Perez, Business Management; Jose Perez, Business Management; Cody Potocki, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Phillip Powell, IT Software Developer; Victoria Reed, Nursing; Deanna Rehberg, Accounting; Christopher Reinwand, Welding; Kimberly Robison, Business Management; Tyler Rucinski, Emergency Medical Technician; Mary Ruesch, Health Informatics & Information Management; Mark Rustad, Welding; Brittney Ryan, Medical Assistant; Jack Ryun, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician; Renee Sawyer, Supervisory Management; Ohlie Saylor, Medical Assistant; Stacy Schmidt, Corrections and Community Advocacy; Logan Schultz, Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement; Cecilia Shefchik, Urban Forestry Technician; Brittany Shomberg, Cosmetology; Tammy Siltanen, IT Software Developer; Michelle Sparks, Corrections and Community Advocacy; Ashleyn Sparks Koch, Medical Assistant; Wendy Staven, Nursing; Carly Stickney, Respiratory Therapist; Shelly Szymanski, Medical Assistant; Mai Der Thao, Medical Coder; Anna Truchinski, Non-Degree Seeking; KaBao Vang, Accounting; Barbara Velez, Medical Coder; Emma Voelker, Non-Degree Seeking; Dorie Weigel, Accounting; Kayla Wentland, Emergency Medical Technician; Katie Wenzel, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Austin Wilkerson, Welding; William Windsor, IT Software Developer; Sasha Winters, Nursing; Danielle Wolosek, Health & Wellness Promotion; John Young, Marketing.