New Student Registration

New Student Registration

After completing Academic Advising, you’ll know which program you’d like to pursue and you’ll have a list of courses that are most appropriate for you in your first semester. The Student Success Counselor will also show you how to use College Scheduler, a tool that:

  • Accepts the list of courses you selected for your first semester
  • Searches our database to create all possible course schedule combinations of those courses
  • Allows you to select the course schedule that best fits your life situation
  • Automatically transfers your selection to our course registration system (course shopping cart in MyMSTC)

Finally, you’ll use MyMSTC to transfer your courses from the shopping cart and register in those courses.  That’s it—you’re registered for your first semester courses. Don’t worry—the tuition bill won’t come until just before the beginning of the semester.

If you complete Academic Advising very early, the Mid-State course schedule for your first semester may not yet be complete. In that case, your Student Success Counselor will show you how to finish the schedule planning and registration process at a later date when course scheduling becomes available.

A list of course schedules is also available here.

Before starting the classes you’ve registered for, your next, and final, step is to attend New Student Orientation.

If you have any questions, even after you’ve registered for classes, call the Mid-State location nearest you.