LPN or Paramedic to ADN Pathway

LPN or Paramedic to ADN Pathway

Admissions Requirements:

Please visit the LPN/Paramedic to ADN Admissions Procedures for detailed admissions requirements.

General Education Requirements:

In addition to the admissions procedures the following course must be completed with a C or better or satisfied with credit for prior learning

Mid-State Course #

Course Name



Written Communication or English I (10-801-136)



Oral/Interpersonal Communication or Speech (10-801-198)



General Anatomy & Physiology



Advanced Anatomy and Physiology






Developmental Psychology



Introduction to Sociology or Intro to Diversity Studies (10-809-172)



Introduction to Psychology







After the general education course requirements have been satisfied LPN students may enroll in the following courses:


Transition from LPN to ADN. (If more than 2 years since LPN graduation).



LPN/Paramedic Skills Refresher


Paramedic students must complete the following transition courses:


Paramedic to ADN Theory 1 Online course-NWTC
Requires admission to the Paramedic to the ADN program



Paramedic to ADN Theory 2 Online course –NWTC
Requires admission to the Paramedic to the ADN program



LPN/Paramedic Skills Refresher



Introduction to Clinical Care Management


Please note:

  • When all of the above courses are completed, the LPN to ADN student will be eligible to request entry into the 3rd semester nursing core courses on a part time bases. They will begin the nursing core sequence part time by taking the theory courses (five credits) one semester, and the lab and clinical courses (4 credits) the following semester.
  • Paramedic to ADN students will be eligible to request entry into the 3rd semester nursing core courses.
  • Students must complete a program orientation. Please contact the Nursing Department when all courses have been completed.
  • Openings in the core nursing courses will depend on seat and clinical availability.
  • LPN or Paramedic to ADN students must be US Citizens or permanent residents.
  • Based on the age of credits and/or work experience, applicants may be required to complete a competency evaluation.
  • Upon successful completion of admissions requirements, LPN students could receive up to 19 credits for prior learning. Paramedic students may receive up to 17 credits.


In order to maintain a passing status and progress in the program, all nursing students must:

  • Receive a C or better in all elective, transfer and general education courses
  • Receive an 80% or better in all nursing (543) courses.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • If a student does not receive a passing grade in any pre-requisite or co-requisite course, they must repeat the course before progressing in the program.
  • A student may repeat the same nursing course only once in the assigned program. If the course is failed a second time, the student will be withdrawn from the nursing program. If an ADN student fails four separate nursing courses, the student will be withdrawn from the program. Failures will include failing the same course or failing different courses. Failing is defined as receiving less than an 80% or withdrawing from a course.

Clinical Related Requirements:

Successful completion of this program requires a clinical experience. Clinical sites have the right to refuse a student’s placement based on inadequate health records, pending charges, or conviction records. Students with a criminal history may not be able to complete clinical courses. Mid State will make two attempts to place a student in an appropriate clinical experience. If Mid State is unable to place the student after two attempts, the student will be withdrawn from the clinical course and will not be able to advance in the program. Contact the program counselor for more details.
Prior to beginning a clinical experience in health care facility students must:

  • Subscribe and submit health work, current CPR to Castle Branch.
  • Obtain the required uniform for clinical experiences (specifics regarding uniform requirements and ordering will be covered in the program orientation)
  • Clinical assignments may be in locations outside of the student’s city of residence. The student is responsible for transportation and other personal arrangements.

Requisites for Examination as a Registered Nurse (Nurse Practice Act 441.04): The person must have:

  • Graduated from high school or its equivalent as determined by the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing
  • DOES NOT have an arrest or conviction record for acts or circumstances that relate directly to the practice of license seeking (i.e., bodily harm/injury; drug or alcohol impairment). Individuals cannot be discriminated against for arrestor conviction record if the precipitating actions do not directly relate to practice (state statute 111.321, 111.322,111.335)
  • Graduated from a Board of Nursing approved nursing school.
  • Payment of fees to Mid-State and the Wisconsin State Board of Nursing.

Maintaining a Nursing License (Nurse Practice Act 441.07):

The State Board of Nursing may revoke, limit, suspend or deny a license if the person committed any of the following:

  • Fraud in the procuring or renewal of the license
  • One or more violations of the Nurse Practice Act (Chapter 441) or accompanying Administrative Rules
  • Acts which show practitioner to be unfit or incompetent
  • Misconduct or unprofessional conduct