Late-Start Classes

Late-Start Classes

Small steps are easy, and you don’t need to wait for summer or fall to take the next one.

Mid-State Technical College has a number of classes that start in January, February, March, April, and May!

Working adults often find that the next small step to advancing their career requires additional skills and training. And students already enrolled in college may find that an extra class or two can accelerate their progress.

The path to your in-demand future will be your own. But whatever path you follow, taking advantage of the small opportunities will get you there faster.

Some late-start classes begin as early as January 28! Here’s the full list of available late-start classes:

March Start Dates

21527 Intro to Diversity Studies 3/27/2017 Face-to-Face
25580 Word-Beginning 3/28/2017 Face-to-Face
21128 Access-Intermediate 3/28/2017 Online
21089 Excel-Intermediate 3/28/2017 Online
21028 Word-Intermediate 3/28/2017 Online
21241 Excel-Intermediate 3/28/2017 Face-to-Face
21258 Microsoft Office - Intro 3/28/2017 Face-to-Face
20831 Accounting I 3/29/2017 Face-to-Face
22095 Entrepreneurial Service Management 3/30/2017 ITV (Marshfield)
22096 Entrepreneurial Service Management 3/30/2017 ITV (Stevens Point)
22094 Entrepreneurial Service Management 3/30/2017 ITV (Wisconsin Rapids)

April Start Dates

Class # Class Title Start Date  Instruction Mode 
25572 Introduction to Windows 4/4/2017 Face-to-Face
21567 Organizational Development 4/4/2017 Face-to-Face
21573 Organizational Development 4/4/2017 Face-to-Face
21554 Organizational Development 4/4/2017 Face-to-Face
21572 Organizational Development 4/4/2017 Face-to-Face
21324 Access-Intermediate 4/6/2017 Face-to-Face
21331 Access-Intermediate 4/6/2017 Face-to-Face
21334 Access-Intermediate 4/6/2017 Face-to-Face
21340 Access-Intermediate 4/6/2017 Face-to-Face
25583 Excel-Beginning 4/25/2017 Face-to-Face
25930 Intro to Welding 4/27/2017 Face-to-Face

May Start Dates

Class # Class Title Start Date  Instruction Mode 
25573 Introduction to Windows 5/9/2017 Face-to-Face

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