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Namesort descending Title Department Phone Email
Sue Akey Instructor, Nursing Service & Health Division 715.422.5508 sue.akey@mstc.edu
John Anderson Instructor, Natural Science Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5428 john.anderson@mstc.edu
Rick Anderson Associate Dean, Service & Health Division Service & Health Division 715.422.5473 rick.anderson@mstc.edu
Curt Andres Instructor, Automotive Technician Technical & Industrial 715.422.5378 curt.andres@mstc.edu
Diane Andres Administrative Assistant Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5355 diane.andres@mstc.edu
Dawn Baker Administrative Assistant Service & Health Division 715.422.5303 dawn.baker@mstc.edu
Dick Bartosh Safety Coordinator Human Resources 715.422.5321 dick.bartosh@mstc.edu
Lisa Bechard Instructor, Nursing Service & Health Division 715.422.5615 lisa.bechard@mstc.edu
Carrie Becker Administrative Assistant Technical & Industrial 715.422.5400 carrie.becker@mstc.edu
Sharon Behrens Instructor, Business Technology Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5369 sharon.behrens@mstc.edu
Paula Berger Grant, Contract, and Fund Accounting Specialist Business Services 715.422.5374 paula.berger@mstc.edu
Carolyn Berrett Instructor, Business Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5311 carolyn.berrett@mstc.edu
Mike Berry Instructor, Machine Tool Technician Technical & Industrial 715.422.5390 mike.berry@mstc.edu
Michael Bessette Instructor, Criminal Justice Service & Health Division 715.422.5490 michael.bessette@mstc.edu
Sheila Bluhm Instructor, Social Science Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5364 sheila.bluhm@mstc.edu
James Bond Instructor, Natural Science Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5407 james.bond@mstc.edu
Denise Borland Registrar Admissions 715.422.5502 denise.borland@mstc.edu
Steven Bornbach Lead Custodian Facilities 715.422.5315 steven.bornbach@mstc.edu
Connie Brandl Scheduling Specialist Student Services 715.422.5306 connie.brandl@mstc.edu
Gina Brandl Instructor, Nursing Service & Health Division 715.422.5509 gina.brandl@mstc.edu
Stacy Brock Instructor, Cosmetology & Barber Technologist Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5487 stacy.brock@mstc.edu
Cole Brockman Web Applications Administrator Information Technology 715.422.5585 cole.brockman@mstc.edu
Greg Bruckbauer Manager, Business Operations Business Services 715.422.5593 greg.bruckbauer@mstc.edu
Susan Budjac President Presidents Office 715.422.5319 susan.budjac@mstc.edu
Kris Buss Administrative Assistant Technical & Industrial 715.422.5375 kris.buss@mstc.edu
Patrick Carlin Maintenance Technician Facilities 715.422.5544 patrick.carlin@mstc.edu
Chris Carlson Manager, Financial Aid Financial Aid 715.422.5504 chris.carlson@mstc.edu
Karen Cook Purchasing Assistant Auxiliary Services & Procurmnt 715.422.5331 karen.cook@mstc.edu
Debra Crunkilton Instructor, Urban Forestry Technician Technical & Industrial 715.422.5634 debra.crunkilton@mstc.edu
Gerard Danielski Senior Technical Analyst Information Technology 715.422.5595 gerard.danielski@mstc.edu
Cathy Drewa Payroll Coordinator Human Resources 715.422.5330 cathy.drewa@mstc.edu
Mihai Dumitrescu-Mihaly Network Engineer Information Technology 715.422.5398 mihai.dumitrescumihaly@mstc.edu
Dawn Ede Instructor, Nursing Service & Health Division 715.422.5432 dawn.ede@mstc.edu
Steve Eidenschink Senior Software Integration Specialist Information Technology 715.422.5343 steve.eidenschink@mstc.edu
Scott Engel Instructor, Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Technical & Industrial 715.422.5381 scott.engel@mstc.edu
Carrie Engelbright Instructor, Service & Health Service & Health Division 715.422.5624 carrie.engelbright@mstc.edu
Jackie Esselman High School Outreach Coordinator Admissions 715.422.5413 jackie.esselman@mstc.edu
Simone Fevola Manager, Grant Development and Administration Academics 715.422.5606 simone.fevola@mstc.edu
Travis Gansch Senior Computer Services Technician Information Technology 715.422.5348 travis.gansch@mstc.edu
Nikki Garrity Content Marketing Specialist Communications 715.422.5479 nikki.garrity@mstc.edu
Jennifer Gear Adult Outreach Coordinator Admissions 715.422.5506 jennifer.gear@mstc.edu
Jennifer Gibson Instructor, Information Technology Gen Ed & Business 715.422.5349 jennifer.gibson@mstc.edu
Ben Gillmore Instructor, Steamfitter Apprenticeship Technical & Industrial 608.633.2473 ben.gillmore@mstc.edu
Traci Graf Testing Center Assistant Student Support 715.422.5443 traci.graf@mstc.edu
Michael Grambow Manager, Media Services Media Services 715.422.5462 michael.grambow@mstc.edu
Kay Grundhoffer Student Success Counselor Student Support 715.422.5447 kay.grundhoffer@mstc.edu
Sherri Guck Communications & Foundation Assistant Foundation & Alumni 715.422.5598 sherri.guck@mstc.edu
Debbie Hafermann Campus Office Assistant Campus Administration 715.422.5530 debbie.hafermann@mstc.edu
Brandon Hageman Instructor, Fire Protection Technician Service & Health Division 715.422.5318 brandon.hageman@mstc.edu
Debra Hagen-Foley Dean, Institutional Effectiveness & Academic Excellence Academics 715.422.5553 debra.hagenfoley@mstc.edu