Wellness in Protective Services

Wellness in Protective Services

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Introduces the skills and abilities needed to deal constructively with the stress related to a field in criminal justice. Focuses on assessing individual sources of stress, analyzing the impact of that stress, and developing stress-coping mechanisms. Learners will explore coping mechanisms such as assertion, anger management, conflict resolution, time management, relaxation activities, and exercise and diet planning. Prerequisite: Admission to Criminal Justice-Studies program105045 or Corrections & Community Advocacy program 105047


Prerequisite: Admission to Criminal Justice-Corrections & Community Advocacy program 105047 or Criminal Justice-Studies 105045

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2019

Term runs from 01/21/2019 TO 05/17/2019

Summer 2019

Term runs from 06/03/2019 TO 08/02/2019

Fall 2019

Term runs from 08/26/2019 TO 12/18/2019