Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

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Introductory course in problem setup, organization, and solution. Identification of given and unknown values, equation setup, unit conversions and use of significant figures. Introduction to physical science; working with units of force, area, volume, time, and distance in metric and imperial systems. This course is designed to help you be successful in technical and engineering classes and should be taken during your first semester of enrollment.


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Spring 2017

01/16/2017 TO 05/18/2017

No classes offered during this term.

Summer 2017

06/05/2017 TO 08/04/2017

No classes offered during this term.

Fall 2017

08/24/2017 TO 12/20/2017

Class# Start Date End Date Day Class Time Mode Location Credits
63160 10/23/17 12/20/17 MW 8:00 AM - 8:55 AM Wisconsin Rapids 1.00