Principles of Phlebotomy

Principles of Phlebotomy

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Prepares the learner to function as a member of the health care delivery team, performing the role of a phlebotomist. The phlebotomist generally works in a clinical laboratory under the supervision of the appropriate professional. The phlebotomist is responsible for collection procedures in both out-patient clinics and hospital in-patient settings for the purpose of laboratory analysis, including emergency and routine collection procedures from veins, skin puncture areas, and arteries on patients of all ages. Specimen integrity is emphasized as dependent on collection procedures, proper choice of equipment, and knowledge of patient variables. Positive patient identification protocol is an absolute requirement which is stressed throughout. Proper transport and processing of specimens are also included. This theory course is primarily an on-line course and is designed for the student preparing to enter the laboratory/practicum experience of the phlebotomy program. Prerequisite: Admission to Phlebotomy Technician Program 305131 and completion of first semester courses ("C" or better)


Prerequisite: Admission to Phlebotomy Technician Program 305131and completion of first semester courses

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