Practicum 1

Practicum 1

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In this three-credit practicum course you learn about and apply the course competencies in an actual child care setting. The course competencies include: document children's behavior; explore the standards for quality early childhood education; explore strategies that support diversity and anti-bias perspectives; implement activities developed by the co-op teacher/instructor/student; demonstrate professional behaviors; practice caregiving routines as curriculum; practice positive interpersonal skills with children and adults; analyze how Wisconsin Early Learning Standards provide a framework of guiding principles, developmental expectations, and program and performance standards to delineate the five developmental domains that embody delivery of quality education and care to young children; incorporate Wisconsin Early Learning Standards with the principles of developmentally appropriate practice, intentionality, and the teaching cycle to examine child development; evaluate program integration of Wisconsin Early Learning Standards into the teaching cycle of ongoing assessment, planning and curriculum goals, and implementation; identify specific goals and learning and assessment activities to promote the development of a focus child utilizing the Wisconsin Early Learning Standards; and develop a plan for child learning utilizing the performance standards, developmental continuum, and developmental domains from the WMELS that is based on experiential learning. Prerequisite: Admission to early childhood education program 103071. Students must meet the state administrative code requirements to be in an Early Childhood Education setting (including both prior coursework and Caregiver Background Check). The CBC will be processed by the Early Childhood Education program coordinator prior to the student being eligible to participate in the Practicum 1 field experience.


Adm to ECE Program 103071. Students must meet the state adm code requirements to be in an ECE setting (including both prior coursework and Caregiver Background Check).

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2016

01/11/2016 TO 05/11/2016

Summer 2016

06/06/2016 TO 08/05/2016

Fall 2016

08/22/2016 TO 12/19/2016