Metal Cutting Welding

Metal Cutting Welding

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Covers oxy-fuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, air-carbon arc cutting, mechanical cutting, and nontraditional cutting. Individual parts are produced using automatic and manual equipment. Both shop and field applications are practiced. The parts may be joined, by welding, to complete an assembly. Students may work in a team environment to complete assignments. This course is available to Welding program students only. Corequisite: Intro to Welding 10442100


Corequisite: Intro to Welding 10442100

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2018

01/22/2018 TO 05/16/2018

Summer 2018

06/04/2018 TO 08/03/2018

Fall 2018

08/27/2018 TO 12/19/2018