Math for Manufacturing

Math for Manufacturing

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Studies machine tool problems involving calculations with fractions, decimals, and percentage. Includes work with the metric system, measurement conversion, geometry, trigonometry of right triangles, and use of a scientific calculator. Formulas with application to the trades are also studied. Prerequisite: Admission into Machine Tool Technician program 324201, Welding program 314421, Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) certificate 144422, or consent of instructor


Prerequisite: Admission into Machine Tool Technician 324201, Welding 314421, GMAW Welding 144422 or consent of instructor

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2018

01/22/2018 TO 05/16/2018

Summer 2018

06/04/2018 TO 08/03/2018

Fall 2018

08/27/2018 TO 12/19/2018