Interpersonal Violence/Victimology

Interpersonal Violence/Victimology

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Explores interpersonal violence, defined as abuse that occurs between people who know each other and that can occur within or outside a family setting. This abuse involves one person who uses power and control over another through physical, sexual, or emotional threats or actions; economic control; isolation; or other kinds of coercive behavior. Explores different types of interpersonal violence, including physical abuse, bullying, dating/relationship violence, gang violence, and sexual violence. Students complete guided self-study online then gather for two hours of live classroom discussion weekly. Prerequisite: Admission to Corrections & Community Advocacy program 105047


Prerequisite: Admission to Criminal Justice Corrections & Community Advocacy program 105047

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Spring 2018

01/22/2018 TO 05/16/2018

Summer 2018

06/04/2018 TO 08/03/2018

Fall 2018

08/27/2018 TO 12/19/2018