Intermediate GMAW/FCAW

Intermediate GMAW/FCAW

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In this course, students build their skills with the GMAW process and perform welds on stainless steel and aluminum sheet metal and plate. The student is able to differentiate, select proper electrodes, and shielding gases, and properly adjust parameters. Emphasis is placed on axial spray, pulse spray, and short circuit mode of transfer depending on base metal. Students learn about and practice the FCAW process, including types of electrodes, fluxes and shielding gases used in these processes. Upon completion of this course, the student is able to weld in several positions, read some basic weld symbols, and have a basic understanding of written welding procedures. Prerequisite: Intro to Welding 10442100


Prerequisite: Intro to Welding 10442100

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2017

01/16/2017 TO 05/18/2017

Summer 2017

06/05/2017 TO 08/04/2017

Fall 2017

08/24/2017 TO 12/20/2017