Heating / AC - Diesel

Heating / AC - Diesel

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This course introduces students to the theory and operation of the heating and air conditioning systems found in the transportation, farm, and heavy equipment industries. Students will learn how to inspect, diagnose, and repair heat and air conditioning systems found in their field. Students will have the opportunity to acquire their state of Wisconsin HVAC certification through a written test and hands on evaluation. This class offers experience in installation, operation, and repair of auxiliary power units found on todays modern trucks. Not only will students learn about heating and air conditioning for operator comfort, they will also have the opportunity to learn how to inspect, service, and repair refrigerated units found on todays semi trailers and shipping containers. Prerequisite: Admission to Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician Program 324121


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Fall 2014

08/18/2014 TO 12/17/2014

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Spring 2015

01/12/2015 TO 05/13/2015

Class# Start Date End Date Day Class Time Mode Location Credits
21152 01/12/15 05/11/15 MF 12:00 PM - 2:50 PM In Person Wisconsin Rapids 3.00
Summer 2015

06/01/2015 TO 07/30/2015

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