Electrical Power Distribution

Electrical Power Distribution

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Designed to teach the principles of distribution systems and substations. Covers wire capacity, sag, guying, supporting structures, troubleshooting, insulators, lightning arresters, switches, and recloser and power circuit breakers. Students apply distribution standards of an actual utility to the building and design of a power line on paper. Prerequisites: Electrical Circuits I 10605105 and Electrical Power Generation 10605122


Prerequisites: Electrical Circuits I 10605105; Electrical Power Generation 10605122

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Spring 2018

Term runs from 01/22/2018 TO 05/16/2018

No classes offered during this term.

Summer 2018

Term runs from 06/04/2018 TO 08/03/2018

No classes offered during this term.

Fall 2018

Term runs from 08/27/2018 TO 12/19/2018

Class# Start Date End Date Day Class Time Mode Location Credits
63724 08/28/18 12/18/18 TR 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM Wisconsin Rapids 3.00
63724 08/28/18 12/18/18 RF 8:00 AM - 9:50 AM Wisconsin Rapids 3.00