Corrections/Correctional Institutions

Corrections/Correctional Institutions

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Examines the history and current trends of the correctional system in the United States. Students analyze the changing philosophies of corrections and review the programs available to offenders at various stages of their involvement in the criminal justice system. Chain of command, management practices, personnel needs, types of offenders, organizational theories, policymaking, and the role of correctional personnel are addressed. Students complete guided self-study online then gather for two hours of live classroom discussion weekly. Prerequisite: Admission to Criminal Justice-Studies program 105045 or Corrections & Community Advocacy program 105047


Prerequisite: Admission to Criminal Justice-Studies 105045 or Criminal Justice Corrections & Community Advocacy 105047 programs

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2019

Term runs from 01/21/2019 TO 05/17/2019

Summer 2019

Term runs from 06/03/2019 TO 08/02/2019

Fall 2019

Term runs from 08/26/2019 TO 12/18/2019