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CNC Controls

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Provides the skills needed to navigate common CNC machine control panels. Students learn common methods to set tool offsets and work offsets as well as perform common part setup practices. Focuses on accuracy, repeatability, and efficiency in the operations of CNC machine tools. Prerequisites: CNC Lathes/Manual Programming 32420362 and CNC Mills/Manual Programming 32420364


Prerequisites: CNC Lathes/Manual Programming 32420362; CNC Mills/Manual Programming 32420364

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2018

Term runs from 01/22/2018 TO 05/16/2018

No classes offered during this term.

Summer 2018

Term runs from 06/04/2018 TO 08/03/2018

No classes offered during this term.

Fall 2018

Term runs from 08/27/2018 TO 12/19/2018

No classes offered during this term.

Spring 2019

Term runs from 01/21/2019 TO 05/17/2019

Class# Start Date End Date Day Class Time Mode Location Credits
22119 01/21/19 05/15/19 MW 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM Wisconsin Rapids 3.00
22119 01/21/19 05/15/19 T 8:00 AM - 11:50 AM Wisconsin Rapids 3.00