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Central Service

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Students are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as a central service technician. Central service is the hub of all activities involving supplies and equipment for surgery, obstetrics, emergency departments, and other patient care areas. Students learn the principles of standard precautions, asepsis, disinfection, and sterilization procedures. Effective communication is vital within this multi-service area. Central service is located in all health care facilities such as nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals. Patient interaction is minimal within this area of specialty. Online instruction, lab, and clinical experience are part of the curriculum. Upon graduation, students are eligible for certification exams. Students are responsible for transportation to and from classroom, lab, and clinical sites. A minimum of two clinical sites will be utilized in the clinical portion of this class. Prerequisite: Admission to Central Service Technician program 305341


Prerequisite: Admission to Central Service Technician Program 305341

Upcoming Schedule:

Spring 2019

Term runs from 01/21/2019 TO 05/17/2019

Summer 2019

Term runs from 06/03/2019 TO 08/01/2019

Fall 2019

Term runs from 08/26/2019 TO 12/18/2019