Business Decision Making

Business Decision Making

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This course develops skill to enable students to make individual decisions and participate in and facilitate group decisions in pursuit of the goals and objectives of an organization. Students will analyze decision-making environments; employ a systematic decision-making process; use creative and analytic thinking tools for information gathering and analysis; employ ethical and social standards; contribute in group decision-making; and facilitate the group decision-making process. Prerequisites: Twelve Business Management 10-102 credits, Human Resources Management 10-196-193, and Supervision 10-196-191; AND Corequisite: Business Finance 10-102-117 (Business Finance 10-102-117 may not be used to satisfy the Twelve Business Management 10-102 credits).


Prerequisites: Twelve 10-102 Bus Man credits, Human Resources Man 10196193 and Supervision 10196191; AND Corequisite: Business Finance 10102117 (Bus Finance 10102117 may not be used to satisfy the Twelve Bus Man 10-102 credits).

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Spring 2017

01/16/2017 TO 05/18/2017

Summer 2017

06/05/2017 TO 08/04/2017

Fall 2017

08/24/2017 TO 12/20/2017