Workforce Training

Workforce Training

Mid-State Technical College (Mid-State) is in many ways an extension of local business and industry. Our employees continuously survey the community and area businesses for workforce needs. Proactive environmental scanning serves as the catalyst for new developments in programs, certificates, and courses that facilitate lifelong learning.

This collaborative effort is evident in the recent addition of three short-term training opportunities: Nursing Assistant-Acute Care, Personal Care Worker, and Food Manufacturing.  We also work closely with Incourage Community Foundation and their Workforce Central initiative to connect potential workers with the training necessary to serve local business sectors in need of employees.

Learning is lifelong and for everyone. For those individuals who are successfully employed, short-term courses provide the additional skills needed for promotion. For the unemployed or underemployed, short-term courses offer a strong foundation and competitive advantage when applying for jobs. In fact, 95% of employers responding to our most recent survey said they were satisfied with the education of Mid-State graduates.

Our more than 100 associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates are a reflection of changing workforce needs. Collaboration with employers and economic development organizations ensures Mid-State’s offerings are relevant, practical, and promote student success. We stay closely connected to area employers through academic program advisory committees that regularly assess their industries and provide us with valuable feedback that sparks innovation, strengthens our career programs, and keeps our programs vibrant and on the cutting edge.

For more information about short-term training or any of Mid-State’s many engaging programs, call 888.575.6782 or visit your nearest Mid-State location in Adams, Marshfield, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin Rapids.