Breakthrough Strategies

Breakthrough Strategies

A comprehensive Discovery Process was conducted in Spring 2014, including document and data review, surveys, interviews, campus forums, and focus groups of students, employers, economic development organizations, program advisory committees, educational partners, and college employees. Six Breakthrough Strategies, outlined below, emerged from this Level One planning; these six strategies serve as a framework for Mid-State’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Within those six Breakthrough Strategies are a total of 27 Institutional Objectives, and each of those Institutional Objectives is further broken down into an Action Plan with an average of eight actions. Each Breakthrough Strategy aligns with one or more of Mid-State’s Key Results.

Mid-State will maximize student achievement and goal attainment.

Key Result: Student Success

  1. Develop an assessment and placement process upon college entry that supports student learning achievement.
  2. Analyze current success rates and develop a comprehensive strategy to accelerate and improve outcomes for underprepared students.
  3. Implement a first-year experience aligned with the Integrated Enrollment Model.
  4. Develop strategies to expand support for industry connections and graduate job placement.
  5. Engage faculty in the development and measurement of student learning outcomes that ensures Mid-State graduates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attributes reflected in the Employability Skills.

Mid-State will establish dynamic programs, scheduling, and delivery modes that respond to current and emerging workforce and student needs.

Key Results: Student Success, Organizational Effectiveness

  1. Create flexible packaging and delivery of programs, certificates, and courses based on data, location, workforce, and student needs.
  2. Deploy a college-wide process for course planning and scheduling that is responsive to student needs.
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive Distance Learning Plan focused on access and student success that provides quality standards, expanded offerings, and student support services.
  4. Deliver high-quality programs with the currency and relevancy to respond to both employer and student needs.
  5. Develop a comprehensive three-year Educational Master Plan that results in the strategic deployment of academic programming.

Mid-State will re-energize and redefine its marketing, recruitment, and outreach.

Key Results: Student Success, Organizational Effectiveness

  1. Collect, analyze, and apply data to direct targeted student recruitment strategies, including those for underserved populations.
  2. Establish and execute a comprehensive, proactive marketing plan that strengthens college image, recruitment, and enrollment.
  3. Strengthen community partnerships and economic development through a comprehensive and strategic plan of collaboration.

Mid-State will execute an intentional, integrated enrollment model.

Key Result: Student Success

  1. Design and employ a strategic enrollment plan, including a process for student flow from inquiry through graduation.
  2. Define and implement intentional academic, enrollment, and career advising for all students from application through graduation.
  3. Develop and implement a mandatory orientation program that includes: a) college orientation for all new students and b) program-specific orientation for all students new to a program.

Mid-State will transform its decision-making processes by capitalizing on the effective use of evidence and data.

Key Result: Organizational Effectiveness

  1. Define college data and analysis needs and develop applications for evidence-based decision making.
  2. Design, implement, and transition to a proactive process for securing and expanding resources, including grant funding and foundation support, aligned with college priorities.
  3. Create a master facilities plan in alignment with the college’s Strategic Plan.
  4. Create a college-wide technology plan in alignment with the college’s Strategic Plan.
  5. Develop a model and processes for fiscal planning, budgeting, and resource allocation that aligns resources with the college’s Strategic Plan.

Mid-State will leverage employee ownership and talent to champion the Strategic Plan.

Key Result: Employee Engagement

  1. Develop department/division operational work plans in alignment with the college’s Strategic Plan to achieve Key Results.
  2. Develop a performance progress system to ensure achievement of action plans and related individual goals aligned with the Key Results.
  3. Employ process improvement to eliminate redundancy and inefficiency.
  4. Expand mentoring programs for employees to improve preparedness, and identify talent and interest in career advancement.
  5. Develop and refine intentional communication channels to enhance meaningful employee engagement.
  6. Develop and implement a plan to improve employee engagement utilizing the results of the Q12 Employee Engagement Survey.
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