SALT - Financial Literacy

SALT - Financial Literacy


Mid-State has teamed up with SALTTM to help you manage your finances and student loans—for FREE!

What’s SALT?
SALT is a free, nonprofit-backed educational program that helps every student who wants a college degree to get it in a financially responsible way. The program’s resources help students like you gain money knowledge during college and beyond to keep you on the road to success.

What’s in it for you?

  • Advice and resources to help you find free scholarship money for school
  • Tools to help you understand, track, and manage your student loans
  • Exclusive access and tips to land one of nearly 50,000 internships
  • Personalized lessons and guidance to help you master your money

Register today at to join! If you have any questions regarding SALT and the registration process, contact SALT’s Member Support team at 855.469.2724.