Newly Admitted Students

Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to Mid-State!

We're excited to have you as a student! Now that you're admitted, get ready to start classes. Check out the following resources that will help you become a successful student. Not admitted yet? Apply today!

Explanation of different student logins.

Student Identification Number

To protect your privacy, Mid-State Technical College assigns a computer-generated identification number to each student when they apply to the college. Mid-State is required to collect social security numbers for state and federal reporting but we do not display social security numbers on external student documents, reports, or ID cards.


Benefit from the self-service tools and resources located inside MyMSTC. Customize MyMSTC to meet your needs and keep up with college news.

Click here to access MyMSTC which contains Self-Service, Financial, Human Resources, and Student Administration systems.

Financial Aid

A complete program of financial resources is available to Mid-State Technical College students. By filing a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid), funds are available each year through federal, state, local, and private sources in the form of loans, scholarships, grants, and work study programs.

Tuition, Billing, and Payment Options

A variety of options are available for paying tuition. Check your MyMSTC account after registering for your courses to view your tuition.

Campus Email

Mid-State email is the College's primary method for communicating important information to students and staff. Students are encouraged to check their email regularly to keep current with Mid-State information. Click here for Email Assistance.

Student Resources

There are many resources available to help you be successful. The Learning Commons, disability services, tutoring, and academic advising are just a few.



Reasons Businesses Should Hire an MSTC Graduate

Employer-based program advisory committees
88% of us work in-state following graduation
We are tech savvy
We have the soft skills you desire
We receive skills/insight from industry leaders
You get a high-quality and job-ready employee

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions


Will a Certificate of GED® or HSED be accepted in lieu of a high school diploma?

Yes. If you received a GED® or HSED in Wisconsin, contact the WI Department of Public Instruction to request a transcript.

Do I need to provide high school or college transcripts?

Yes, but only if your program requires transcripts.

Do I need to be admitted to a program to take classes at Mid-State?

No, but you must complete an Application.

Is there an Application for Admission deadline?

Mid-State continuously accepts applications for admission.

When can I take the Accuplacer?

The Accuplacer is offered on a daily basis

I applied to Mid-State in the past. Do I need to repay my application fee?

The $30 application fee is a one-time fee, unless you have been away for 3 consecutive semesters.

Is there a fee to take the Accuplacer?

No. There is no fee to take the Accuplacer.

How do I know if I’ve been admitted to a program?

Once you have completed all admissions requirements, you will receive a letter indicating you have been accepted.

Do I need to take an entrance assessment to be admitted to Mid-State & my program?

Mid-State requires most new students to complete the Accuplacer prior to acceptance into a program.

Mid-State needs a copy of my transcripts. Can I send a copy of the one I have?

No. Mid-State requires all transcripts to be official.

What are official transcripts?

Official transcripts are transcripts with the school's seal sent directly from the school you attended previously.

How does Mid-State tuition compare to tuition for a four-year public university?

On average, an Mid-State education costs 45% less than two years at a public university.