Dual Credit

Dual Credit

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High School Students Earn Free College Credit with Dual Credit!

Every year, high school students in central Wisconsin just like you earn college credits before they even graduate. Dual Credit gives high school students a head start on college and a chance to explore careers before they commit. Better yet, the credits they earn are entirely free of charge and—in some cases—may even transfer to other Wisconsin technical colleges or four-year colleges. 

Mid-State offers the following Dual Credit opportunities: Transcripted Credit, Start College Now, and Course Options. Take advantage of these opportunities to challenge yourself academically, earn college credits toward a program of study, accelerate your post-secondary degree completion, and save money on tuition and books.

Which Dual Credit programs are right for you? Explore the options below, and follow next steps to getting started. Adult students looking for information about Mid-State college credit for previous education, work, life, and military experiences should visit our Credit for Prior Learning page.

Transcripted Credit

Did you know that some courses taught at your high school may be taught by a high school instructor specially certified by Mid-State to teach the course? Because these are Mid-State courses, you can earn college credit. 

  • Qualify for college credit at Mid-State by earning a "C" or better in Transcripted Credit courses.
  • Credits are transferable to other colleges.

Transcripted Credit isn’t just for high school juniors and seniors anymore—sophomores can take Transcripted Credit courses too!

How do I get Transcripted Credit?

During the first week of class, your Transcripted Credit high school teacher will assist all students who want to receive free college credits with Mid-State to apply and complete a registration form for the Transcripted Credit option. Only students who submit this registration form and earn a “C” or better in the course will earn the transcripted credit. After the class, your instructor will enter your grade with Mid-State, and it will appear on your college transcript.

A closer look

Start College Now (Formerly Youth Options)

Start College Now is a Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) program that allows high school juniors and seniors enrolled in a public school district who are in good academic standing to take classes at Mid-State for both high school and college credit.

  • Interested students apply to their school district asking for approval to take one or more college courses each semester of their junior or senior year.
  • By approving the student to take college course(s), the school district will pay for the student's tuition and fee associated with the cost of the course(s). 
How do I get started with Start College Now?
  1. Note important deadlines for submitting your Start College Now application:
    • March 1 deadline for following fall semester start
    • October 1 deadline for following spring semester start
  2. Complete and submit the online Mid-State Start College Now application. (You will need to indicate your course number and term start date on the application.)
  3. Watch for an email confirmation from Mid-State letting you know that your application was successfully submitted. (Mid-State will also send all applications to the school district for approval.)
  4. Watch for an email from Mid-State informing you of your application approval status and next steps.

For detailed information and responsibilities pertaining to the Start College Now program, see the Start College Now instructions on the Wisconsin Technical College System website. Do not complete the application on this page—be sure to use Mid-State’s application linked in step 2 above.

Course Options

This Dual Credit option will expire on June 30, 2018. Course Options courses that begin before July 1, 2018, are still available.

This Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) program allows a student enrolled in a public school district to take classes at Mid-State.

  • In most cases, a student in this program earns high school and college credits for the course taken at Mid-State.
  • Students who are approved by their school district and by Mid-State to take class(es) under this program are not responsible for tuition fees and book costs associated with listed class(es). 
How do I get started with Course Options?

For more information and to obtain a copy of the Course Options application form, please visit the Course Options page on the DPI website. You'll also want to print a copy of Mid-State’s Course Options Checklist to guide you through the application and registration process.


For more information about any of these great Dual Credit options, please contact Jackie Esselman, manager of K–12 and adult recruitment, at 715.422.5413, or your high school counselor.

A Foundations of Early Childhood Education Transcripted Credit class at Stevens Point Area Senior High School (SPASH)
A Foundations of Early Childhood Education Transcripted Credit class at Stevens Point Area Senior High School (SPASH)