Advanced Industrial Process Control
Complete this certificate in one year or less.  Designed to link machine automation with today's network-style business systems, students learn through hands-on experiences and develop advanced critical thinking skills needed to reduce maintenance downtime and trouble-shooting production stoppages.  The training equipment is designed to mirror the processes in food, chemical, and industrial fields.

Arborist Technician
In response to urban forestry industry needs for trained employees, MSTC offers an advanced certificate for arborists. This certificate will provide individual's presently employed on the technical level in the field to advance their careers.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
Learn a new career in four months!  This fast-paced certificate provides students with entry-level welding skills.  Courses are process specific, and will address topics like blueprint reading, safety, gas metal arc welding, and basic math.  Welders are also in high demand and have good earning potential.

Mobile Application Development
This certificate will provide instruction in mobile application development to individuals holding an Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree or equivalent work experience in the discipline of software development.

Stainless Steel Welding Basics GTAW
Develop entry-level skills needed to gain employment in this high-demand career. Learn the basics from experienced instructors using the latest technology. Learn at your own paceā€”no previous experience is required.