Strategic Directions & College Goals

Strategic Directions & College Goals

Strategic Directions (2015-2017)

  • Provide responsive, flexible, high-quality education to foster student achievement and life-long learning.
  • Break down barriers to maximize access, learning, diversity, and student success.
  • Deliver dynamic, relevant solutions to present and future workforce needs to enhance our reputation as a recognized community leader, partner, and resource.
  • Embrace organizational effectiveness through the pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.

College Goals (2014-2015)

The Mid-State Technical College District Board’s 2012-14 Strategic Directions serve as the basis for the development of the College’s 2014-15 goals.

  • Deliver meaningful student learning experiences, educational programs and services that prepare learners for academic success, employment, and lifelong learning.
  • Cultivate excellence in organizational performance, student learning, and college growth through the removal of barriers, appropriate application of resources, and employee performance.
  • Lead and partner to build a diverse and vibrant region through employer partnerships and collaborations with employers, K-12, higher education, government, and community organizations.